Scrappin A Moment

Local Photography

Ashley offers local photography at a low rate! I stay local in the New Orleans, LA area. If your family is in the area & want to capture your family event at the zoo, aquarium, park, etc I am more than happy to do so!


My work 

I am by no means a professional, but I do take some pretty good pictures. You can see some examples of my work  through the Scrappin A Moment online photo album page which is uploaded to Photobucket for purpose of limited web space on our site itself. All photos you will see have been taken by me and no one else.


Audubon Zoo

Outdoor Photos


French Quarter



Just want to buy photos?

Do you see a photo I took that you like? Do you want me to make a scrap-page out of it or just want a print? Do you have photos you just want printed? WE CAN DO IT! Just contact us about which photo & if you want just a print, what size, anything special done to it, etc. You can find the cost of printing prices & for what sizes below. If you want a scrap-page or scrapbook you can check our Pricing Page for that as that is separate from our photography business.


Photo session is to be paid up front at time of service. 

Photo Taking: $10 an hour for unlimited photo taking.

Photo Email & Site: If you do not want me to put the photos on a cd or print them, I will email ALL photos taken during the event for just $10. This cost is my time & the convenience & because I will also be uploading them to a photo sharing site such as photobucket to make it easier for you share & enjoy your photos. They will be uploaded within 24 hours of the event so there will not be a long wait period for you to receive your photos.

 Photo Email Discount
If you  hire me for 3 or more hours, I will upload & do the email photo sending for free! That saves you $10!



Photo Printing, Books, Cds & More
Photo printing will be paid for prior to photos being printed. You can decide which photos you want or if you want all. Printing will typically take 2-3 business days depending on the number of photos needing to be printed.
**Please note. I do not print these from my house. I do go to a local location to print. So the prices cover photos & gas. 
4x6 Photos 

Printing 4x6 (color)

1-99 prints: $0.25 per photo
100+ prints: $0.20 per photo

Printing 4x6 (black & white): $0.30 per photo

1-99 prints: $0.30 per photo
100+ prints: $0.25 per photo


5x7 Photos 


Printing 5x7 (color): $1.75 per photo
Printing 5x7 (black & white): $1.80 per photo


8x10 Photos 

Printing 8x10 (color): $3.50 per photo
Printing 8x10 (black & white): $3.75 per photo


Printing 11x14 Poster: $12.99
Printing 12x18 Poster:
Printing 16x20 Poster:
Printing 20x30 Poster:

These packages are for 1 single pose only.  So for the family package, you'd get Pose A in 4 -4x6's 2-5x7s & 1 8x10.

Family Pack consists of the following: $6.99

(4) 4x6
(2) 5x7
(1) 8x10

Ultimate Value Pack consists of the following: $13.99
(20) 4x6
(3) 5x7
(3) 8x10
(5) Wallet sets



Photo Cd

Photo Cd: $10 per disc


After photos are printed, please allow 3-4 weeks for your photos to arrive. Usually will be quicker, but to allow enough time for the shipping I want to give a large enough time frame. The prices given are fo standard shipping. If you need them faster, please email for expedited shipping cost.

Photo Cd: $5.95

All photos 4x6 - 8x10: $7.95
Photo Packages: $7.95

All photos Posters: $8.95



Payments Accepted

At this time the only payments accepted are cash & paypal. 


If interested in having a session please send us an email, found on the contact us page! 

 Another great photographer in the New Orleans area is Paul! One of my personal friends. Look into his work as well at Paul's Photography!